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  • Medicare Coverage of Physical Therapy

    Does Medicare cover physical therapy? The answer is pretty much always Yes!  however how much physical therapy they cover is totally different and based on your Medicare plan. So it helps to arm yourself with a little bit of information before you come into physical therapy that way there's no big shocks...

  • How to Manage Your Chronic Condition during the Holidays and Plan Accordingly

    Living with a long-term illness (also called chronic) poses new challenges for a person. Learning to face those challenges is a long process - it is not something that is achieved overnight. But understanding what happens to you and actively participating in your health care will help you face those...

  • What is the Flu? A Pharmacist Explains the Virus & How to Be Flu Ready

    The flu is a respiratory infection of viral origin that, due to its ease of transmission, causes seasonal epidemics and even pandemics. Therefore, it constitutes an important health problem in our society, with labor and economic repercussions. Next, we describe the main characteristics of this dise...

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