Poor Sleep as Preschooler, Behavior Issues Later

Poor Sleep as Preschooler, Behavior Issues Later

Toddlers need minimum 9 hours to sleep in the night. Poor sleep and other sleep problems leave negative impact on the health of children. They show negative sleep performance in school during extra-curricular activities and other social relationships. It causes several other issues like performance problems, learning issues, concentration, memory, mood problems, behavior problems and injuries or accidents and many more. As per survey, it is noticed that these children have issues with people. Overeating is common in these children. It means these children are in tension. This tension causes lack of confidence in their routine life. Some other behavior issues are given below.

  1. Slow learner

These students are slow learner and they feel it difficult to understand the topics in the class. The students who have the ability to learn the important academic skill. They learn things slower than their peers. They have delayed reasoning skills and it makes difficult for them to understand new things. They have problems in organizing things, trouble telling time, clumsiness, trouble following directions, lack of concentration, poor memory, and problems with math, writing and reading. All these things can cause several other issues in these children.

  • Irritation and lack of socialization

These toddlers grow with the lack of confidence and it makes them less social with other. They feel problems in interaction with other. This is the reason they have very little friends in their schooling time. You will notice these behavior problems in these children that they seek to blame others for misdeeds and misfortunes, low frustration threshold, low self-esteem, try to aggravate and annoy others, refuse to obey rules, argue with others, irritation in their behavior, annoyed and angered.

  • Bad Mood

Good sleep is compulsory for life to be healthy. Poor sleep leaves negative affect on the children’s mood, weight and other types of mental and physical growth. These children are found in a bad mood mostly due to the poor sleep.

It is vital to know why they have poor sleep, maybe they are facing sleep problems like snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep deprivation, restless legs syndrome and many more. Because of the poor sleep, they suffer from tension and stress. It is the prime reason to disturb their sleep. Children need parent’s assistance to make their mental and physical growth normal. If your child is not taking appropriate sleep then try to solve the issue.

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