Smoking Related Health Issues

Smoking Related Health Issues

Smoking is highly harmful for both men and women. The negative impact of smoking on pregnant women is not able to ignore. It is very important for the pregnant women to avoid smoking during pregnancy. It is highly harmful for them and their child because it can be dangerous for their later-life aerobic fitness of men offspring. It is an obvious fact that smoking can destroy health of the pregnant women as well as fetus in the womb. It enhances the risk of the infant death, birth defects and preterm birth. In spite of all these risks women continue smoking during their pregnancy. It is proved through a research of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), data for 2011 from 24 US states almost 10% of women starts smoking in the last 3 months of their pregnancy. The smoking has a long lasting impact on the fitness of male offspring later in life.

Impact of smoking:

It is an obvious fact that smoking is very dangerous for everyone in all conditions but smoking during pregnancy is much harmful both for mother and child. The women should avoid it because it can ruin the later- life of the baby or it can create other complications for the mother.  Some harmful effects of smoking are given below.

  1. Creating complications due to Harmful Chemicals of cigarettes:

The smoke of the cigarettes is rich in chemicals and the quantity is more than 4,000 including 60 cancer-causing compounds, lead, cyanide and many others. The toxin in the smoke began to penetrate in your blood when if you are smoking during pregnancy. It cuts down the oxygen and nutrient because of the poisonous chemicals in the blood. It produces very harmful impact on the health of the fetus through the chemicals of nicotine and carbon monoxide. It creates complications in the pregnancy as well.

  • Premature Delivery:

The most severe problem of premature delivery can be caused due to the smoking. On the other hand, it can cause the low birth weight due to the carbon monoxide and nicotine. Both these chemicals reduce the supply of oxygen to the child and reduce the size of blood vessels by narrowing them. It looks like to breathe a fetus with a narrow straw. It can be risky for the child and physical health of the child. It can create the situation of any kind of abnormalities in them. The premature delivery can be ended on child’s death or any kind of abnormal out comes.

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