How physicians can fight misinformation about vaccines?

Vaccine for any disease is highly important. It produces immunity in people and provides protection against the germs. There are several myths about the vaccines that these have some drawbacks. A physician can council with people and guide them about the benefits of vaccines. For instance, the vaccine of flue in cancer contains several myths. A physician can guide the details and advantages of the vaccines for the patients. Your physician can guide you that it is very important to use this flu shot vaccine for the treatment of the flu. The nasal spray should not be given to the patients who have very weak immune system. It is very important to explore the treatments of the flu.

About Flu vaccine for cancer patients

A vaccine of flue have been developed by the great researchers of the Yale Cancer Center and presented on 6th December at the 57th annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Orlando, Florida. It is developed for reducing the risk of the flu infections in patients of the cancer at the maximum danger for influenza. It gives the best treatment to the cancer patients of the immune system, including multiple myeloma. The patients who are suffering from this disease are susceptible to common infections due to the less immunity in their bodies. The risk of flu infection is higher in them and gets the severe conditions that take them to death due to serious illness. It can create risky circumstances in all the patients of cancer suffering from multiple myeloma, plasma cell disorder and even in those who are taking an annual flu vaccine. It is obvious with research that one-time flu shot cannot be able to offer adequate immunity.

Impact of the Vaccine:

The researchers of Yale maintained the strategy that patients are given the high potency of the flu vaccine and the other booster high-dose is given one month later. That was approved by FDA in 2009. This strategy dose reduces the rate of flu infection among 6% and the expected rate of 20%. It is said by Branagan that this vaccine had a unique impact on the patients of cancer in reducing the risk of Flu infection. In this way the doctors are hopeful for the good results in a large prospective. Arthur Sekerak Cancer Research Fund a Yale Cancer Center philanthropic has support this study.

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