What are the leading causes of death in the US Every Year?

America is the country that is ideal state of the majority of the people round the globe. It feels very strange that the American citizens are facing health care issues. Although, the Government of the USA is well-aware of the requirement of the health care but the current system is full of issues and a common man is in trouble. The major problem of today is to achieve the VIP facilities in affordable cost because everyone is not in the position to access the health care facilities. They are not able to get the health insurance due to the financial issues. Some of the leading causes of death in US are given below

  • Heart Disease

In USA, the majority of the people are suffering from heart diseases. It causes death in men and women. There are several reasons behind this diseases such as smoking, excess use of alcohol, drugs addiction and many more. Heart diseases are several and the several conditions are related to develop plaque in the arteries. It creates problem in the blood flow and it causes stroke and heart attack. This is the prime reason to rise heart failure, arrhythmias and angina.

  • Cancer

Cancer is the most common health issue in the entire world but there is a high ration of the people at the normal point. There are several reason of cancer in people in America. Their living style and working environment play an important role in this health problem. People come to know about the cancer when it is at the final stage. This is the reason they do not get time for treatment.

  • Drug Addiction

Addiction rate is increasing day by day in America. People experience bad or negative health effects with the use of heroine. The majority of the people use opium or weed as addiction. The impact of drugs is recognized as the most important issue in USA. Addiction causes several health problems and loss of social norms. These addicted have severe loss of control tolerance, failed attempts to quit, preoccupation and other consequences. The majority of the addiction rehab centers fail to help people quitting smoking.

  • Violence

Violence is itself not a reason of death but it creates several other problems that causes death in people. Domestic violence mild or severe produces mental pressure in victim. Children and women are the prey of this problem. It is a social problem that causes several types of abuses. Alcohol and drug abuse is a mild problem. The mental pressure causes hypertension, depression, stress, suicide and many more.

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