What’s a Microbiome?

A microbiome is microorganism’s community like virus, fungi, bacteria and many more. These microorganisms inhabit an organism or ecosystem. These are found everywhere including oceans, sediments, soils and in human body. You can found them in sub glacial lakes, vents, hydrothermal vents, atmosphere and waterways. Some of the fungi and the forms of bacteria are helpful for human and other organisms. Some kinds of fungi provide the nutrients to the plants and other animals. These are used as the food of the worms that are used for farming.

This is a known fact around the world that we humans have already done enough damage to our mother earth in the years we have lived on this planet. One of the main reasons for this worsening in our ecosystem is due the waste that we humans produce on daily basis. But on the other hand thanks to the awareness campaigns being carried out nowadays that have created the feeling of playing their part in most of people mind. Worms in the soilin can play a good starting role in helping you make a difference at your end. The main reason for recent growth in their demand is that they are comparatively more environment friendly method to get rid of the wastes created by your daily life.

·         Fungi can provide with the nutrient-rich garden fertilizer

These organisms not only  help the owners to get  rid of their wastes but that processed waste that literally costs nothing to the owners and these worms can later be used for purposes such as providing the fertilized soil for your plantation in the house and act as a great boosting source for the growth of plantations.

  • Fungi reproduces at an incredible rate

The use of fungi is helpful in many ways. It can provide with an increase in the number of compost worms in the broader timeframe, this means you have very little chances of running out of the decomposition army you have. The fun part is that it may provide you with the chance of earning extra money by selling the offspring of your compost army.

  • Need little to no space for  composting  worms for sale

This army of compost worms doesn’t require any land neither a fenced area to keep them in their limits. But all you need to do is provide them with a space filled with garbage that they can feed upon by decomposing it.

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