Foods to Help Fight the Flu

Flu is not as much fetal contagious disease that is dangerous for everyone. It has no cure only prevention can save you from this disease. It is the disorder that is related to respiratory system. It damages the respiration system due to mucus in the nose and death occurs in the result if this infection becomes higher.  Flu is a disease of respiratory system. It is caused due to the influenza virus strain. This virus produces infection in the cells that are found in nose, throat and lungs. It is not a fetal infectious disease that transfers from one person to another due to the mucus, air and particles of saliva. It is more dangerous for the children who are under 5 years and the persons who are more than 50 years.

How to treat flu with foods?

You should take broth of meat, like beef, chicken or vegetable can be used in it. Warm broth is ideal to treat flu with a pinch of turmeric. Chicken soup is great for the same reason. Some other foods that can fight with flue are broccoli, garlic, yoghurt, citrus fruit, spices and others are great to get rid of the flue.

Drink Fluids

Flu can be avoided through drinking much water as much as you can. It is very healthy to drink more than 8 glasses of water in a day. Use fluids as much as you can in form of juices and soups. It will help to raise your immunity and flushes out the toxic from the body. You can use 100% juices without added sugar, lemon and honey tea, and honey in herbal tea, ginger tea and broth.

Warm Compress

 One of the most important ways to get relief is to use warm compress. Use of the warm towel on the head and the other sinuses area will provide your relief form the pain and inflammation as well as clear the nose immediately. Covering your face from dry and cold wind will help you to clear the stuffy nose.

Use a saline spray

A saltwater solution is a saline spray. Using this saltwater solution increases the moisture in the nostrils. It helps in releasing mucus in the nasal passage. These saline solutions are available in the market. Doctor can recommend the right product that contains medicinal effects. It may have side effects, if using with other medicines. Be careful while using it with other drugs.

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