US diet still contains too many low quality carbs

As per the new study, the average proportion of calories intake has been decreases by three percent. These calories are found in starchy vegetables, added sugar and refined grains. It is vital to increase the use of high-quality carbohydrates in our diet. The low quality carbs are associated with the risk of several diseases and health problems. Protein consumed from healthy plant sources and seafood including legumes, nuts and whole grains. In US, in spite of decrease in low quality carbs, still the food contains it.

Carbohydrate that comes from sugary sodas, pastry, white rice, white bread and other highly processed food makes you fat. If these types of carbs are in your diet then these are bad carbs that can enhance the risk of diseases. The majority of the teens and adults avoid eating these carbs. A person should include vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grain in their diet because it offers fiber, minerals and vitamins as well as several other nutrients. A healthy diet contains good carbs. The majority of the people use to eat junk and fast food all the time. Low quality carb diet is highly harmful for all the people.

The majority of the people use to eat junk food that is highly processed and contains high calories. It provides low nutrients and is known as low quality diet. It is rich in trans-fat, saturated fat, salt, added sugars and many more. All these things are harmful for health and increase the risk of poor health or other health disorders like heart problem, high-blood pressure, diabetes and many more. Some people prefer taking artificial flavored and added sugar juices. The use of alcohol, caffeine in the form of tea and coffee is highly dangerous.

Fast food is easy to prepare and the majority of the people include it in their food. There are several number of healthy fast food options and the majority of the people use all these options. These are risky for health. Including poor quality carbs in your diet in the form of junk and fast food is associated with the risk of the early death, cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, digestive issues, depression and obesity. This type of food leaves a bad impact on human metabolism and change it. This food leads to the reduced ability of the muscles and weak bones.

The low quality diet can cause poor digestion. It creates lack of fiber in human body and it leads to constipation. The poor quality diet can narrow the human arteries that leads to enhance in blood pressure. Added sugars and refined carbohydrates can leads to quick drop in blood sugar and surge in insulin. It leaves you feeling hungry, cranky and tired. It increases inflammation throughout your body. It leads with asthma and other types of disorders. It increases inflammation in the airways and other organs of respiration system. It is good to exercise daily and eat plenty of nutritious food including whole grains, seeds, fish nuts, legumes, fruit and vegetables.

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