Does Medicare Cover Dermatology?

People want to know will my Medicare plan pay for my dermatology treatment. In order to answer this question we have to take a step back and talk a little bit about what Medicare plan is designed to do.

Medicare plan is designed to pay for things that you Need so they’re going to pay for things that are a medical necessity not necessarily things that you Want so when it comes to cosmetic surgery 99.9 percent of the time these are things that you Want but it’s not a Need therefore Medicare plan is not going to pay for that surgery so if  you want breast implants because you feel like you want to have larger fuller breasts or you want liposuction because you want to reshape your body or maybe put some fat in your butt  or you had multiple children and you want to reverse those signs of pregnancy so you want to have your breasts lifted or you want to have a tummy tuck or some extra skin removed these are all things that you may think you need but there’s no medical necessity so it really is just a want and Medicare will not pay for those things.

 Now there are some situations where your Medicare plan will pay for your plastic surgery if you were born with a congenital defect where one breast developed normally and the other breast didn’t develop then your Medicare plan will most likely pay for you to have a breast reconstruction have that that breast in development made to look more normal. If you’re a breast cancer survivor’ then Medicare will pay for reconstruction of your breast after your cancer operation. These are situations where your Medicare plan will pay for that surgery most of the time if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight usually over a hundred pounds and you have excess skin that’s hanging Medicare plan may pay for your surgery but you need to document necessity meaning you need to show not just say but you need to show that you are having medical problems because of that excess skin that means you have to document back pain document rashes that don’t go away with normal treatments or document ulcers or breakdown in the skin that can happen in the folds of that skin that’s hanging so these are things that need to be documented by multiple doctors and sent to your insurance company and that’s done in an effort to have them pay for the surgery but again you need to document medical necessity not just want.

 So when it comes to Medicare plan covering for your cosmetic surgery it’s going to depend specifically on the procedure that you want and it’s also going to depend on your specific Medicare plan. Really just a cosmetic problem it’s not a medical problem if you had a hernia or you had an opening and a hole in your abdominal wall where organs can potentially come through that’s a different story that’s a hernia and that will be covered by your Medicare plan but just separation of the muscle or things that we would fix with a tummy tuck it’s not something that is reasonable to document medical necessity so you know it may be frustrating to some people but you have to understand what Medicare plan is designed to do and plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is often a want not a need so it’s a luxury and that may mean that it’s something that that not everyone can afford and Medicare plan will not pay for things that are just cosmetic.

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