Medicare Coverage of Physical Therapy

Does Medicare cover physical therapy? The answer is pretty much always Yes!  however how much physical therapy they cover is totally different and based on your Medicare plan. So it helps to arm yourself with a little bit of information before you come into physical therapy that way there’s no big shocks or surprises a the first visit. Here is couple of things in the Medicare world that really helped to know before visiting to your physical therapist. The first thing is the “deductible” what your deductible is?  It is the amount of money that you’re going to have to pay out of pocket before your plan kicks in anything. if you’re really lucky you’ve got no deductible if you’re on a catastrophic type plan you may have upwards of a ten-thousand-dollar deductible.

Those policies really change a lot in the last few years and more and more people have a higher deductible plan. Another thing to consider is do I have copay or coinsurance once you’ve met the deductible. if you have a copay there’s a certain amount per visit that’s a set amount that you’ll have to pay it except if you’re lucky at zero it could be most commonly it’s in the 15 to 25 dollar range or it may be upwards of 50 if you have some of the less expensive plans. if you don’t have a co-payment sometimes you’ll have a coinsurance. Coinsurance is actually based on what we charge per visit so it’s actually a percentage of the build amount so that maybe ten percent or may be fifteen percent or twenty somewhere in that range but that’s actually based on what we charge that day so if you really want to know what your cost is going to be before physical therapy visit, the best thing to do is call your insurance company there’s going to be a number on the back of your card for member services give them your information they’re going to ask for your date of birth and basically your ID number find out if you have a deductible or  if you have a copay or coinsurance that way you’ll know exactly what the cost is going to be for physical therapy and then you can talk to your physical therapist and make some determinations in your care based on that because nobody wants to go broke for PT especially because they got hurt so we’re always pretty flexible in any way we can be and to help people out and it helps if we all know up front. if you’re not comfortable making that call yourself or get confused in the process we totally understand that call your physical therapist ahead of time if they want your business they’ll check your benefits for you.

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