Kindergarten vaccine exemption rates increase in forty one states CDC report says


A statement released Friday by the Centers for Prevention and disease Control has discovered a rise in exemptions rates for childhood vaccines in over forty states

For the much more than three eight million kids entering kindergarten the vaccine exemption rate increased in general to three for the 2022 2023 school year based on the CDC the greatest ever reported

Forty nine states and Washington D C released exemption data for state required vaccines among public school kindergarteners throughout the 2022 2023 school year and forty eight states and D C released information with all state required vaccines and also exemption data for individual school kindergartners

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kid vaccine exemptions increased in forty one states several much more than others

Exemptions increased in forty one states and in a number of states Alaska Arizona Hawaii Idaho Michigan Nevada North Dakota Oregon Utah and Wisconsin the exemption rate exceeded five Idaho had the greatest number among states that found information with a reported exemption speed of twelve one

Montana may be the sole state which didnt report kindergarten vaccination for both the 2022-2023 and 2021-2022 college years and also was excluded from the CDCs analysis

Overall vaccine coverage stayed near ninety three for all reported vaccines during the 2022 2023 school year including DTap Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis polio and rubella and measles mumps Based on the CDC vaccine exemptions more than five raises the chance for out

eaks of vaccine preventable disease

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Actually are there vaccine exemptions in most state

All states allow vaccine exemptions for medical reasons Some states also enable exemptions to vaccines for philosophical or religious reasons while others require medical proof that a kid cant get a vaccine

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