10Pcs Disposable Safety Sterile Ear Piercing Gun Unit Tool with Alcohol Pad Asepsis Pierce Kit for Piercing Supplie


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Product description

Color: Blue

Body Ear Piercing Gun – 10Pcs Disposable Safety Sterile Ear Piercing Gun Unit Tool with Alcohol Pad Asepsis Pierce Kit

What’s the specification of the Autdor Ear Piercing Gun Machine?
Colour: Blue
Material: Plastic and stainless steel
Package includes: 10Pcs Disposable ear piercing gun

What is the Disposable Safety Sterile Ear Piercing Gun Unit Tool Features?
1. Each unit combines self-destroying ear-piercing gun with alcohol pad.
2. Individually packed and sterilized, avoid inflammation.
3. Easy to operate, easy to locate the pinpoint where you want the hole to be accurately.
4. Mini size, easy to carry.
5. Suitable for professional use or home use.

What is the Usage Instructions of Piercing Gun?
Step 1. Recommended that operators wash their hands first.
 Step 2. Clip your hair into a hairpin so that it does not touch the ear, and sterilize the perforated area with a complimentary alcohol pad.
Step 3. Open the disposable ear package, as shown in the figure, hold the ear device, and pay attention to the thumb to press on the side of the pressure bar, which is easy to use.
Step 4. Gently press the lever with your thumb to make the U-shaped plastic body close and align with the position of the perforation.
Step 5. Gradually increase the strength of the thumb, and the wings on both sides of the strut will break when the force reaches a certain point.
The strut will push the ear needle through the earlobe and fix it on the ear stud.
Step 6. Hold the ear studs and ear studs with your fingers and gently push the U-shaped plastic body outward.

How about the Autdor Team Service?
– If for any reason you are not fully satisfied about the Autdor Ear Piercing Gun Machine. Just simply return it for a full refund or exchange.

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