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Now you are buying total 1 packs of anion sanitary napkin

packing: 1 packs for panty liner

Name:bamboo charcoal far-infrared anion Sanitary Pads

Material:Non-Woven, Anion Chip, Soft Cotton,Super Absorption

1. Anion =Negative ion
Anion is believed to be a natural relief fact against environmental and biological pollutants. Nick named as vitamins of the air.When the content of negative ion in the air up to 5000 each CM3, it can enhance immunity and antibacterial capability, relieve tension, reduce irritation, remove unpleasant odors, eliminate the effect of fatigue, improve endocrine and enhance metabolism, so every women can enjoy a healthy, hygiene and comfortable sensation. green anion strip which can be seen in this sanitary napkin contains 6100 anions each cubic cm.

2. Far Infrared
Far infrared ray as an essential element for living beingsfar infrared ray in sunlight is called light wave of life. It is similar with the far infrared ray from human bodyIt can produce the most efficient resonance with cells in living beingsHaving good penetration performance, it can effectively promote growth of animals and plants. compound anion strip can absorb heat of body and outside air and convert into far infrared, radiate to human body, improve micro circulation, repair damage, activation

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