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Dreamy Eye Mask Anti-aging Improve Dark Circles Wrinkles First-aid Emergency MECMOR Additive Free Natural Organic 8PC


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[Moist & Brighten]

[Lift the Veil ] Coffee extract : fix pouch dark circle problem. Rose extract: refine eye muscle. The peony root extract: brighten eye skin. Polyglutamic Acid: moist skin cell from inside to outside.

[Butterfly shape] Fit around your eyes. Comfortable. Beehive accelerate absorbing.


[Usage]:After facial cleansing, apply the mask on the skin around eyes, adjust the mask to make it perfectly attach on skin. Remove it 15-20min later, and then gently pat and massage skin till thoroughly absorbing the essential toner, no need to wash.

AVAILABILITY:Applicable to any skin.

STORAGE:Please store in the cool and dry place without direct under sunlight



Brand Story

Create a New Era of Additive Free Skin Care

Lead the Future of Beauty and Health Industry

Born with the trend, and come for your beauty!

With the advancement of science and technology, and the enhancement of women’s health concept, it has become the common aspiration of women around the world to refuse the use of heavy metal, hormones and harmful chemical additives in skin care products. Safe and efficient additive-free skin care products have become an urgent need now.

As the first high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and marketing of high-end additive-free skin care products in China, Guangzhou Additive Free Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was born with the trend.

The company combines the modern skin care aesthetics, the international advanced technology and the commercial practice, takes “Additive Free” as the product research base, executes the concept as “principle “, providing women around the world with safer and more efficient skin care products.

Achieve Development through Innovation !

The company pays high attention to product R&D and intellectual property protection. It has taken product R&D and technical innovation as the first driving force for development.

“Additive Free” company has invested more than 300 million yuan (CNY) into the R&D and the production till 2017. It has built an international first-rate large-scale scientific research center in Guangzhou Science City. The scientific research team has gathered lots of global top experts of doctors and masters. Its attention and investment in R&D are rare in skin care industry in China.

The company has complete independent intellectual property rights and innovation awareness. Through continuous technical innovation and breakthrough, the scientific research team has now mastered lots of world-leading independent scientific achievements.

At present, there are 13 patented technologies, such as “asepsis filling technology”, “production method for biological mask” and “biological fermentation filtration system”, have been accepted and authorized by China Intellectual Property Office and International Patent Bureau.

Innovation, leads the scientific achievements into industrialization era in advance, and makes the future technical come earlier!

Ensure quality with originality!

Over the years, the R&D team has been focusing on constant breakthrough of additive-free technology, creating the quality with craftsmanship and regarding quality as life.

As our R&D concept requiring no addition in the product, “Additive-Free” is the strictest company in China at the moment. Our product eliminates all harmful additives such as heavy metals, hormones and flavors. It do not contain any bacteriostatic or bactericidal ingredient. Upgrading the universal international standard of additive-free to be the “high standard additive- free”, which is no harm to cells, setting a high standard and new example for additive-free industry!

To guarantee the high quality of each product, “Additive Free” company has established the world-leading EGF production plant and the ultra-high clean standard modern plant of level 100 GMP manufacturer. The national patented technology of sterile filling along the whole process ensures each product’s cleanness and safety.


Specification: Dreamy Eye Mask Anti-aging Improve Dark Circles Wrinkles First-aid Emergency MECMOR Additive Free Natural Organic 8PC

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Anti-Puffiness, Dark Circle, Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Whitening

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Dreamy Eye Mask



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Treatment & Mask


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