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Fast Hair Growth Men women beard oil chest hair yuda alopecia pilatory Baldness anti hair loss treatment Faster Hair regrowth

All kinds of seborrheic alopecia,gray hair,alopecia talafis


For seborrheic alopecia , androgenic alopecia , alopecia areata, physical alopecia , chemical alopecia , female postpartum alopecia, female menopause alopecia, head mites and head blood circulation , blocked hair follicles , hair roots malnutrition, with excessive hair loss caused by a variety of brain .

Preservation methods:

This product will be placed thermostat 20 degrees in the shade. Shelf life is 3 years.

Product Features:

FRAGRAN germinal fluid, traditional remedy research,Our exclusive formula, using wild natural yew , ginkgo, Polygonum and dozens of rare and valuable native medicinal plants , after forty-nine days cook from,Use within one week after the basic control hair loss, 1-3 months and gradually grow new hair, new hair grow longer recovery after off further difficulties to overcome hair loss and regeneration , breaking the current market leading brands of hair growth effect .

Product effect:

hair care
moisturize hair
to oil
high-quality gloss
strengthen hair
strong anti-off
dense hair growth
a potent anti-dandruff itching
to strengthen the hair flexibility
for the bald grow again
hair growth accelerated to 3.5 times

We know there are many reasons to causes hair loss. various reasons lead to hair nutritional disorders, so that the hair follicle atrophy, thinning hair, easy to loose and fall off.

Ginger juice has spicy stimulation.Applying it on the head scalp will stimulate the local skin blood vessels to expand,congestion, so that the local blood supply increased,hair follicle nutrition improved, and promote the growth of hair.

In the same way,Astragalus, ginseng,Polygonum multiflorum can also be used to treat hair loss and grow new hair

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Hair Loss Product


herbs(traditional Chinese medicine

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hair growth oil hair nourishing liquid





Hair growth spray

Hair Loss Product Chinese medicine

Alopecia baldness

anti hair loss, Control oil, grow new hair


Lianyungang, China(mainland)


30ml Traditional Chinese medicine composition


yuda pilatory anti hair fall treatment spray


3 bottles as a course of treatment


Ginseng, Ginger, Angelica, Polygonum multiflorum


all kinds of alopecia baldness, gray hair, alopecia talafis,


hair loss woman/men hair loss


hair care/dense hair growth/moisturize hair