MQ Brand Anti Smoke Patch 30 Pieces/Box Smoking Cessation Pad 100% Natural Herbal Stop Smoke Patch Health Care Product


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MQ Brand Anti Smoke Patch 100% Natural Ingredient 30Pcs/Box Stop Smoking Plaster Cessation Patch to Give Up Smoking Health Care


Properties: Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies

Model Number: HD-AS

Brand Name: HODAF

Patches size: 4*4cm

Ingrediente: 100% natural ingredient

Color: skin color

Product name: smoking repellent patch

* Product Description:

Anti smoke patch adopted delayed release transdermal technology. The research results of International Drug & Medicine indicate that it’s the most effective method to give up smoking by using Anti smoking patch.

* Function:

Tobacco contains nicotine. The people who is used to smoking, in actually fact, they only need the nicotine in the tobacco.But when people smoke a cigarette, except the nicotine, there are also several hundred types of harmful chemicals will go into peoples’ body. In the anti smoking patch, there are pure extracts from the natural tobacco, when people apply the patch, people can get enough nicotine, but avoid letting other harmful chemicals going into people’s body.

* Application:

Remove the anti-adhesion protection membrane

Paste the patch on the cleaned upper parts of body, such as arm, thigh, trunk, hip, the scapula alternatively use

Attach the Anti-smoke Patches every early morning after getting up

Using in daytime, better removing it before going to bed

* Usage and dosage:

According to the personal situation, choose the accurate position and usually it will work after sticking half an hour

Use it for about 3 days as the initial dosage, decrease the dosage gradually when the situation is stable, stop using till tobacco addiction is get rid of

Due to individual difference, the procedure of reducing Anti-smoke Patches and time of using is different, but same effect for painless quit smoking.

* Warning:

Do not apply the patches to broken, red or irritated skin

When you exercise, do not apply the Anti-smoke Patch. Because if do sports while wearing a nicotine patch the amount of nicotine absorbed into your bloodstream may increase

If you get a severe or persistent skin reaction, such as severe redness, itching, rash, hives or swelling after using these patches, you should stop using them and consult your doctor for advice.

Make sure you do not leave unused or used Anti-smoke Patch where children can reach them. Fold used patches in half so the sticky side is inside and put them inside the opened sachet, or in a piece of tinfoil. Dispose of used patches carefully, away from children and animals.

* Packaging & Shipping:
30 patches/ box

Special: Chinese Traditional herb mixed Modern Technology

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Anti-smoke Patch

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30 patches/ box


Anti Smoke Patch


Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies


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Stop Smoking

Give Up Smoking

Give Up Smoking


Chinese Traditional herb mixed with Modern Technology

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