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SANANA 4D Silk Fiber Lashes Thick Lengthening Mascara Long Black Lash Eyelash Extension Eye Lashes Brush Makeup Eye Cosmetics


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SANANA 4D Silk Fiber Lashes Thick Lengthening Mascara Long Black Lash Eyelash Extension Eye Lashes Brush Makeup Eye Cosmetics

Every piece of eyelid is clear Fine eyelid is outstanding

Dazzling Starry Long Mascara
Long and dense
Product information
Name of the product: Senana Starry Long Mascara
Specification: 8g
Warranty: see the package for the expired date
Product functions: have fine and smooth texture. The cream is evenly attached onto the eyelash. Dense and curled eyelash can be presented easily.

Curled Eyelash Natural and pretty eyelash

Keep lasting and do not easily get messy.
Present long eyelash

Dense and curled Two eyes get enlarged at once.

Finely and densely wrap every piece of eyelash
Brush and present dense and curled two eyes
Eyes are twinkling and smart as star

Three advantages Gorgeous and glamorous eyes

Elastically stretch eyelash
Brush and present two dense eyes
Enlarge two eyes
Dense and curled
Naturally long

Fine and dense Create long eyelash

Instantly stretch and finalize the style
Naturally curled and long
Present curled eyelash after brushing smoothly
Soft and slippery cream
Not sticky
Do not cake
Brush and present clear eyelash right away
Long and dense
Color rendering formula presents dense and curled eyelash right away. Every piece of eyelash is clear and does not easily get messy.
Cool black and Color rendering
Black rendering formula, soft&hard and appropriate brush tip. Brush and color, then long and dense eyelash is presented right away.

Easily create curled eyelash Senana Starry Long Mascara

Before After

Good product can always stand the test

Long and dense Do not easily get messed
Test of Not Easily Getting Messed
Apply a little onto the hand and wait for 2 minutes, use the tissue to cover and wipe, then the color does not spread.

Waterproof Test

Brush the mascara onto the hand and wash with clean water. Mascara dose not spread. Apparently render color and keep it lasting.

Test of Removing the makeup

Mild water can remove the makeup. Use the cotton pads. Remove the makeup. It can not easily remain. There is no pigmentation.

Application method

Open the package and take out the product (before applying, use the eyelash curler. Then the effect will be better by using the eyelash curler to curl it)
Pull it upward by using the mascara till the eyelash is curled.
Then repeatedly brush the eyelash downward with the brush head till eyelash becomes long and dense.
Before the mascara becomes dry, apply repeatedly. Eyelash becomes more curled and the makeup is more natural and attractive.

Product display

Specification: SANANA 4D Silk Fiber Lashes Thick Lengthening Mascara Long Black Lash Eyelash Extension Eye Lashes Brush Makeup Eye Cosmetics

Brand Name

Senana Marina


Brazilian palm tree wax. Australian nuts seed oil. Tocopherol (vitamin





Model Number



Full Size


Lengthening, Curling, Fast/Quick Dry, Moisturizer, Thick, Natural

Country/Region of Manufacture






Certificate Number


Waterproof / Water-Resistant


Product Name

Flying warped sweet mascara.lengthening


Waterproof mascara.distinct and obvious for each lash


Silky volume and curl.easy to use.curling


Not take off makeup.Long lasting curls

Suitable Age

Unlimited.mascara extension.beautiful eyelashes

Suitable for

Eyes makeup.natural makeup.fast/quick dry

Item Type

Cosmetic products.professional makeup

Use for eye

Mascara eyelash lengthener.eyelashes black

Quality Inspection

Qualified.length-volume mascara.black

Expiration Date

36 months.eyelashes become curling.mascara

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