Solid Wood Full-body Four Wheels Wooden Car Roller Relaxing Hand Massage Tool Reflexology Face Hand Foot Back Body Therapy


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Main Features:

1.Relieve neck tension, shoulder pain

2.Relieve body fatigue, improve blood circulation

3.Suitable for officer works who have high working pressure every day

4.Can massage full body: neck, shoulder, waist, leg

5.High-quality wood material, durable and safe


1.This product is a pure natural wood massage health products

2. 4 big massage wheel rotatably curve based on the body surface

3.Good massage effect for Cervical, lumbar,The back,legs,to eliminate leg pain

4.Used to stimulate the reflex points on the body, feet, head, face that correspond to the internal organs of the body

5. Spray paint polishing, comfortable


1. Auitable for prolonged use of computers, mobile phones or other devices are kind of electromagnetic radiation;

2. Fast pace of work, nervous tension are long;

3. Poor circulation; waist, shoulder and neck stiffness or pain are easy;

4. Mental stress, relax the need to continue to restore the spirit of the person;

5. Often insomnia, listlessness, who need to improve physical energy;

6. Immunocompromised, those who need to improve physical fitness;


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1*wooden massage

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