Sonoff RF Bridge WiFi 433 MHz Replacement Smart Home Automation Universal Switch Intelligent Domotica Wi-Fi Remote RF Controller


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Sonoff RF Bridge WiFi 433 MHz Replacement Smart Home Automation Universal Switch Intelligent Domotica Wi-Fi RF Remote Controller

Product Specification:

[ Name ]: Sonoff RF Bridge 433

[ Power Supply ]: USB 5V

[ Operating Voltage ]: 3.0 ~ 3.6V

[ Operating Current ]: 30~200mA

[ Enclosure Dimensions ]: 62*62*20mm

Product Features:

  • Convert 433MHz RF Remote to App via WiFi

  • Make 433MHz RF devices App remote controllable

  • Support to add max. four 433MHz RF Remote/Curtain Switch/Alarm

  • Support to control up to sixteen 433MHz RF devices

  • Control 433MHz RF devices over Wi-Fi or mobile network

  • Free iOS and Android mobile app eWeLink

  • Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Home

  • Just Add to your cart now.

Product Overview:

This RF Bridge can convert most of the 433MHz RF Remotes into WiFi wireless.

By adding the RF wireless Bridge to iOS/Android App eWeLink WiFi wirelessly,

you can add up to four 1-4 buttons 433MHz Wireless RF Remotes to the RF Bridge device.

After pairing the RF Remote buttons with RF controlled devices,

you can directly control maximum 16 RF controlled devices on the App through WiFi/2/3/4G network.

It can be used for most of the 433MHz RF Remote controlled products,

like RF controlled switch, RF controlled socket, RF controlled bulb, RF controlled door opener, etc.

Even more exciting is that it will work with door magnetic sensor, human body IR sensor and more other sensors to realize security alarm, and allowing you to DIY smart scenes.

Note 1:

The receiving supports fixed code 433 frequency: PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527.

Not support to learn rolling code and dynamic code.

Note 2:

Timer is not supported in current App versions, but soon we’ll support it.

iOS App doesn’t support to add this product, but it will be supported in App V2.5.0.

You can’t see device status changes in the App.

Works With Amazon Alexa:

This product works with Amazon Alexa. You can ask Alexa to control the device with the following voice commands.

Please note that only US/UK English and German voice commands are supported now.

Try out these phrases ( {deviceName} should be the name of your device):

Alexa, turn on {deviceName}

Alexa, turn off {deviceName}

Alexa, turn {deviceName} off

Alexa, turn {deviceName} on

Alexa, schalte Gerätename ein

Alexa, schalte Gerätename aus

Sonoff Product Series:

Product NameFeaturesInput VoltageMax CurrentMax PowerFrequencyShopping
Sonoff Basic1 Channel Wireless Switch90~250V AC10A2200W2.4Ghz
Sonoff RF1 Channel 433 RF Wireless Switch90~250V AC10A2200W2.4Ghz, 433MHz RF
Sonoff TH10Monitor and Set Temperature & Humidity90~250V AC10A2200W(10A)2.4Ghz
Sonoff TH16Monitor and Set Temperature & Humidity90~250V AC15A3500W(15A)2.4Ghz
Sonoff DualRemote Control 2 Devices90~250V AC15A3500W2.4Ghz
Sonoff PowReport Power & Power Usage90~250V AC15A3500W2.4Ghz
Sonoff G1GPRS/GSM Smart Switch90~250V AC15A3500W2.4Ghz
Sonoff 4CH4 Gang WiFi Wireless Switch90~250V AC10A2200W2.4Ghz
Sonoff 4CH Pro4 Gang WiFi & RF / 3 Working Model90~250V AC/5~24V DC10A/Gang2200W/Gang2.4Ghz, 433MHz RF
BN-SZ01App Control Ceiling LED180~264V AC0.1A18W2.4Ghz
Sonoff TouchWiFi Wall Touch Switch90~250V AC2A400W2.4Ghz
Sonoff T1 UKWiFi RF Wall Touch Switch90~250V AC2A/Gang600W/Gang2.4Ghz, 433MHz RF
SlampherWireless Control Light Holder90~260V AC2A200W2.4Ghz, 433MHz RF
Sonoff B1Dimmable White & Color Bulb90~250V AC2A6W2.4Ghz
S20 Smart SocketEU/US/UK/CN Wifi Smart Socket90~250V AC10A2000W2.4Ghz
Sonoff SCMonitor Indoor EnvironmentUSB 5V80mA0.4W2.4Ghz

Additional information

Brand Name


State of Assembly


Model Number

Sonoff RF Bridge


All Compatible

Camera Equipped



Sonoff RF Bridge 433 MHz

Power Supply


Operating Voltage

3.0 ~ 3.6V

Operating Current


Wireless Stardard

Wi-Fi 2.4GHz



Enclosure Dimensions


Supports APP

IOS Android System, Works with Alexa & Google Home


Home, Office, Sonoff RF Bridge 433 MHz


Official Original Manufacturer of Brand Sonoff