Tcare 1Pair Gel Toe Separator Rubber Toe Stretchers Toe Spacers Used for Cushioning and Relieve Bunion Pain Toe Straightener



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1.FUNCTION:Safe and natural way to get pain relief from bunions and overlapping toes without surgery, specialize in therapeutic foot pain relief to increase space between the toes for proper joint alignment and decreased irritation, and reduce the chance of Bunion, Hallux Valgus, Bunionette, Hammer Toes, Claw Toes Other Unsightly Foot Problems!

2.EFFECT: Align and straighten your deformed toes and feet with gentle pressure after a long day of work. Relieve foot pain after being on your feet all day to improve toe alignment after wearing cramped shoes, allowing you to stand or walk for longer in comfort. Improve post-workout recovery upgrade your pedicures.

3.MATERIAL:Petask Rubber Toe Stretchers are made of durable, soft and stretchable medical-grade gel, comfortable and safe, softening the painful sensitive skin to cover bunion with its flexible touch. One size fits most feet. Easy to clean with soap and water,air dry.

4.ERGONOMICS DESIGN:The curved design conforms to the physiological structure of the foot. Avoid extrusion, promote blood circulation.

5.SUIT FOR: Can be used at night, while sleeping, while watching tv, while practicing yoga, and even in wide-toed athletic shoes for running.

Why choose Tcare Gel Toe Separator?

1.With just one pair of Toes Stretchers, you can address multiple common causes of foot discomfort.

2.Constructed with toes proprietary medical-grade gel, relieve pain relief from bunions and overlapping toes without surgery.

3.The one-size-fits-all Toe Stretchers are not only comfortable and waterproof, they can be used anywhere you can kick off your shoes and relax.

4.Perfect for dancers, yogis, athletes, girls who wore high heels, and service industry clients, who spend all day on their feet, especially those who are on their feet a lot and/or wear heals!

5.It can be worn at home, while sleeping, watching TV, or practicing yoga.

How to use them?

1.Start with wearing for 5-15 min and increase by 5 min per session until you can comfortably wear for 30 min or more. Allow your foot muscles enough time to adapt as you stretch them.

2.Wear less often if pain gets worse, and be careful when walking with them on.

3.If the toe separators slide or fall while wearing at night to sleep, please put on socks.

4.While wearing gel toe stretcher in shoes, please with casual shoes, sneakers or other shoes with a little larger box.

5.Hold under warm water or chill in the refrigerator before wearing for a more soothing effect.

6.Personal products, please do not to cross using.

How do you take care of them?

1.Hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry. And keep your kit sanitary and ready for the next use! We recommend applying some baby powder on the gel part when you find it sticky.

2.Personal products, please do not to cross using.

3.The life of the product is affected by its care, use, and activity level of the individual.

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1 pair Gel Toe Separator

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