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Volcanic Mud Remove Foot Exfoliating Foot Mask Whitening Anti-Aging Moisturizing Peeling Skin Socks Skin Care Clothes Of Skin


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Better Volcanic Mud Foot Mask

Make beautiful and tender feet
Clothes of Skin —Angel’s Feather
Tender Foot Mask of Volcanic Mud
Lasting Moisture Smooth the lines of feet
Watery and bright Get rid of dead skin

Are you annoyed of this?

Dry and split foot
Incrassated keratin.crack
hangnail and callus
not only make you uncomfortable.but also affect the beauty of your foot.
Get coarse and aging
Time is a killer.It kills the original nature of your foot.

It can better care your feet

Volcanic mud foot mask from the deep ocean makes your foot not decorticated.
Collected by modern technology
Superior volcanic mud
Precise proportion
and more effective components
make more effective good foot mask

In the market, the foot mask, which make the feet decorticated, can cause great damages.
Strong acid gets your feet decorticated
The principle of foot mask, which gets the feet decorticated, is that the acidic chemicals can corrode the epidermis and make the skin peel off.
Applying it for a long time can hurt your body.

After applying the foot mask,You’ll fall in love with your feet.
Excluding strong acid
Do not peel off
Do not get your feet hurt
Volcanic mud can nourish your feet deepiy

Moisturize, tender and smooth the skin for a long time
Your feet do not desquamate any more. Your feet do not get hurt any more
After applying it,
the watery, bright and tender skin can be presented.

Pay attention to functions.Real and effective
weaken lines, hydrate .brighten your skin.and get rid of keratin

More human-based design is only for you. Then you love life more.
It can be applied in many scenes.Applying the food mask can follow your wishes.
▲The totally-enclosed design.can let you walk as you are applying the foot mask.
▲As you are applying the foot mask, you can relax or work.It’s very possible.

How to use

The First Step,
Tear off the package and take out the foot mask.Scissor along the middle line.
The Second Step,
Wear the hand mask, stick and fix it,
The Third Step
After enjoying for 20 to 30 minutes quietly,take off the foot mask.
Clean with water and apply the Moisturizing & Nourishing Lotion then
After Before
The bright and watery foot.Can be presented immediately

Product Information

Volcanic Mud Nourishing Foot Mask
Main components:Volcanic mud in the deep ocean.Rose extract.Chamomilla recutita extract.hyaluronic acid,etc
Regulations:40 x 1 pairs
Main functions:Make beautiful and tender feet.Improve the partial coarse and dull skin of the foot.Tender and brighten the skin.

Specification: Volcanic Mud Remove Foot Exfoliating Foot Mask Whitening Anti-Aging Moisturizing Peeling Skin Socks Skin Care Clothes Of Skin

Brand Name



Foot Mask




Volcanic mud, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, rose extract, mother chrys



Certificate Number


Country/Region of Manufacture






Model Number


Product Name

Volcanic Mud Remove Foot Exfoliating Foot Mask


Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Lift Firming


Hydrating, Firming, Prevent Chapped

Suitable Age


Suitable for

Foot care, Remove dead skin

Use for Foot

Foot Mask, Whitening, Nourish

Quality Inspection


Expiration Date

36 months

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